Honeywell L-PCM06E 6.5


Rp. 388.782

Condition: New

Shipping Weight: 1 kg(s)



Rated  power Power tapping
Effective frequency response Sound pressure level Dispersion  angle  (1k Hz / -6 dB) Rated  input  voltage Rated  impedance Connection
Hole  cut-out  size Weight
L-PCM06E 9 W 6 W 6 W / 3 W / 1.5 W 100dB / 92 dB 100 Hz - 20k Hz 112° 100 V / 70 V 1.7k Ω / 3.3k  Ω / 6.7k Ω Plastic  terminal  blocks
Φ 166 mm 0.53 kg
( )Dimensions  Φ × H Φ 198 mm × 68 mm
at 6 W/1 W (1m,100Hz ~ 10k Hz) range (-10dB)
L-PCM06E  Ceiling Loudspeaker
Color Speaker size
White(RAL9003) 152mm(6 inch)
Φ 165 mm × 89 mm
0.26 kg White(RAL9003)
Material Metal Metal

L-PCM06E is a cost-effective ceiling loudspeaker which has an excellent audio performance and esthetic appealing enclosure. Its low-profile appearance and compact structure makes it blend easily into various indoor applications. The loudspeaker has three primary power tapping to meet the basic requirement for most indoor applications. Its metal enclosure protects the internal components from damage of burning flame. In applications with higher security demand, we offer optional back dome LM2-MMB for choice ,constructing a complete metal housing, to protect the internal components and in the same time prevent the flame from going through the loudspeaker to burn the devices upon the ceiling. With precise ergonomic design, you would find the mounting of back dome to the loudspeaker easier than easier. The enclosure and back dome are both made of metal, and it is complied with CE and RoHS standard.

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